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Find web sites that are interested in DIFFERENT types of link exchanges.

Days of only indulging in reciprocal links are over.

What are different types of link exchanges?

  • link exchanging from content pages
  • 3-way link exchange
  • article/content exchange
  • and more...

What are different areas of link exchanges?

  • content pages
  • blog posts
  • blogroll (from every page of your blog)
  • homepage

If you participate in different kinds of link exchanges rather than traditional reciprocal linking from links pages, this is the ultimate place to be in.

Why go for different types of link exchanges?

SEARCH ENGINES ARE GETTING SMARTER and there are lots of debates on the value of simple reciprocal link exchanges being devalued.

According to me, we should participate in DIFFERENT KINDS OF LINK EXCHANGES to remain as "natural" as we can in the eyes of search engines. Plus, you will get actual visitors from natural types of link exchanges rather than traditional way where your link is buried in a links page containing hundreds of other links.

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Univision website will cover competitive video gaming - The Denver Post

Univision's Fusion Media Group introduced a website dedicated to covering e-sports, its first new media property since buying bankrupt Gawker Media last year. Editors of the sports website Deadspin and gaming-themed Kotaku will run the new publication, ...

Join the Revolution! #1917LIVE launches interactive website, storms Twitter - RT

With just days until the 100th anniversary of the February Revolution, RT is taking #1917LIVE – a unique project covering 1917 in Russia in real time – to a new level, with more tweets and, a dedicated website. JOIN THE REVOLUTION HERE: ...and more »

Biz tip of the week: Get found on local website searches - Arizona Daily Star

Wyatt recommends you start with your website. Make sure your “title tags” for each page of your website begin with the keyword customers use to find the services featured on that page. Then add a title tag for your business name and geographic location ...and more »

Your New Cisco Careers Website Has Arrived! - Cisco Blogs (blog)

When I started out at Cisco five years ago as an Intern, I could never have imagined myself leading the redesign of the new Cisco Careers website. My teammates knew it would be a big job, and offered to help me with sanity checks (they did), but it ...and more »

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